October 30, 2009

Duplicate File Cleaner 2.5.2: Minor Update

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Thru serious testing and feedback from users, Duplicate File Cleaner enabled some functions and fixed some bugs as follow:

1. Enable “Delete” function in Zoom In window.

2. Enable “Stop” function in deleting process.

3. Modify the warning message in pulverizing process of File Deletion Options part.

4. Fix the error hint “Report the error to Microsoft” when Duplicate File Cleaner can’t detect the installation of Outlook and Outlook Express and users exit the program.

5. Add “Scan for similar name” as a Scan Mode.

6. Fix the interface bug of the Program Update window.

7. Fix the bug that users can only double click on the scan results in Scan for same name Mode but not all Scan Modes.

8. Fix the memory/RAM error when users use History function and double click the search results.

9. Warn users to select duplicate files before proceeding to delete scan results.

10. Fix the error that appears in reading History in Scan for same byte Mode.

Currently, we have enabled some functions and fixed some bugs. If you have any suggestions or find out any bugs, you are welcome to contact us at support(at)acautilities(dot)com. Thanks for your support!

September 10, 2009

Duplicate File Cleaner Released!

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We are very excited to release Version 2.5 of Duplicate File Cleaner.

Duplicate File Cleaner is always trying their efforts to clean out unwanted duplicate files and free up the disk space for users’ system. Since the last release of Version 2.4.5, we improve the scan speed and added a new feature called Junk Files Cleaner. It can empty Recycle Bin and clean:

  • Temporary Internet Files
  • Temporary directory
  • Recent Documents
  • Internet History
  • Internet Cache

What’s more, Junk files cleaner supports custom file types of junk files that are not listed in the basic options. It also support wildcard * and ?. After the scan finishes, users can zoom in the files, open the specified files and decide whether to delete them or not. If users keep these junk files for a long time, they will take up lots of disk space and make the system run more and more slowly. With Duplicate File Cleaner, users can easily clean out duplicate files and junk files and free up disk space.

If you have any idea about how to free up disk space, don’t hesitate to contact us at support(at)acautilities(dot)com. Your suggestion is very important for our success. If you are not sure how to use it, please refer to Duplicate File Cleaner Tutorial.

July 28, 2009

Final Uninstaller 2.5.1 Available

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We are pleased to release Version 2.5.1 of Final Uninstaller.

Since the release of Version 2.2, we have fixed bugs and improved the program. As usual as a major release, a lot of work that is not directly visible has taken place. The core of Final Uninstaller has seen more stable and reliable and some of the new features are the direct results of this work.

What’s New in Final Uninstaller 2.5.1:

  • Search & Clean capabilities: the new version add Search feature so users can not just passively to uninstall programs from scan results but also can search a specific program to uninstall it.
  • Backup & Restore capabilities: the new version will automatically backup remnant files and windows registry before uninstalling a remnant program from Remnants list. Users can easily recover mistakenly uninstalled remnant programs to a previous state.
  • Enhanced sorting capabilities: the new version adds support for sorting scan results by Install Date. This feature is more convenient for users to find newly installed software on scan results. Besides, the new version also enables users to click on a column heading to sort the scan results by that information.
  • Improved 64-bit support: the new version has fixed several bugs that affect the cleaning of registry files on 64-bit versions of Windows. The core of the program has been improved to fully support 64-bit operating system.

If you are having trouble using the new version of Final Uninstaller, or have any question, first check our Knowledge Base or FAQ or feel free to contact us at support@acautilities.com.

Great Update of Perfect Uninstaller

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On July 2nd, 2009, Perfect Uninstaller team is proud to announce this great update of Perfect Uninstaller. It adds a new feature called Registry Backup. With this feature, users can easily backup registry and restore it when the system crashes. There are three ways to restore corrupted registry. The processes are as follow,

One, Backup registry

  • Press button Backup, backup process is as following picture.

  • Backup finishes, enter the “Restore” interface automatically.

Two, Restore the backup registry

Restore registry when the system is normal.

  • Select one of the backups according to the backup time, press button Registry Recovery on the above picture, Perfect Uninstaller will restore registry entries, reboot your system to effect.

Restore registry when system is crashed

Create a multi-boot system in your drive C to restore registry. If the multi-boot system is created successfully, when you press “Set the restore in DOS”, the button comes to “Cancel the restore in DOS”.

  • As multi-boot system created successfully, please make sure that the backup exist in the backup list, reboot your system, and below picture appears.

  • Press “System Menu”, below picture appears.

  • Choose “Restore registry(DOS)”, the registry backup list will appear as follows,

  • Choose the serial number of the registry backup to restore related registry.

If the multi-boot system is running with errors which indicates your PC doesn’t support multi-boot function. Hence, please download the CD file PUBoot.iso from web and burn to CD. You can manage to restore crashed system with this CD.

A. Burn the launch CD

Download PUBoot.iso from http://www.PerfectUninstaller.com/update/PUBoot.iso

How to burn the CD

  • Install burner and Nero, open Nero, and open PUBoot.iso as follows,

  • Open the file PUBoot.iso, follow picture will pop-up, presses “Burn” to start.

B. Restore registry with the burned CD

  • Set the PC boot device as CD, boot your PC to the following picture, press “Delete” on the keyboard for a while.

  • Press “Delete” on the keyboard for a while, below picture appears, select “Boot”.

  • Select “Boot Device Priority” from above picture, press “Enter” on the keyboard to the following interface.

  • Select “1st Boot Device”, select “CDROM” and exit. Insert the burned CD of PUBoot.iso into the CD-ROM, you will see the backup registry list as following picture.

  • Select the backup serial number to restore the corresponding registry.

Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome

It’s believed that with this feacture, Perfect Uninstaller will better serve our users. If you have any question or suggestion, please do feel free to email us at support#ACAUtilities.com (please replace “#” with “@”).

July 24, 2009

Easy Launcher Version Released!

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On July 7th, 2009, Easy Launcher team is pleased to release Easy version

This version adds two main features:

-Add an option to customize the Easy Launcher window’s Caption. Users can define the caption as they like.

-Add an option to customize the Easy Launcher’s Tray icon. With the new version, Easy Launcher users can change its tray icon. If users have ICO format images, they can save these images to C:\Program Files\Easy Launcher\IconFiles\ and then they can use their own icon.

Thanks very much for the great ideas form our user. And we are looking forward to more and more ideas to improve our Easy Launcher. Feel free to share your ideas with us at support#acautilities.com (please replace “#” with “@”).

May 21, 2009

Final Uninstaller 2.2: New Plugins Release

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Final Uninstaller, the powerful tool for uninstalling remnants and complete applications, has launched a 2.2 version of its software. The release includes several major improvements and exciting new features. Highlight is the introduction of the two new Plugins-Junk Files Scanner and Registry Clean up Expert, that allow users to give their computers maximum performance.

The following features were added or significantly improved in the new version 2.2:

  • Clean up all junk files, free up valuable disk space, make the system run more smoothly and guarantee the safety.
  • Clean up all IE history including browsing history, download history, saved form and search history, cache, cookies, offline website data, saved passwords, and authenticated sessions.
  • Clean up computer history to avoid leaving privacy and personal information like account, password, credit card number and others vulnerable to the public.

New Plugins Features

In the version 2.2 of Final Uninstaller, Junk Files Scanner and Registry Clean Up Expert have been introduced. They can clean up junk files including *.dir; *.old; *.chk; *.log; *.tmp and check registry integrity including missing shared dlls, overdue menu items, start run items, software scrap, class issues, invalid install programs, invalid file extension, and missing MUI cache reference. From a user’s perspective this means Final Uninstaller can not only uninstall unwanted software, but also can clean up all junk files and removes invalid registry entries to optimize PC efficiency.

Your Feedback Welcome
Many thanks to all who have been following the blog. We are always looking for feedback on how to improve our products. Email us at at support#acautilities.com (please replace # with @) if you have any ideas. Comments, suggestions, and reviews are all welcome.

Minior Update of Duplicate File Cleaner Version 2.4.5

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Duplicate File Cleaner has updated to Version 2.4.5. Key changes in the latest version are as follow:

  • Support Outlook Express search.
  • Zoom In function to allow people to enlarge the interface and read the duplicate files clearly.

Users can click Zoom In button and enlarge the interface of Duplicate File Cleaner. When the paths of the files were too long, it’s not easy for users to locate the duplicate files. Now with this function, users can read duplicate files clearly and avoid mis-deleting. Version 2.4.5 supports duplicate Outlook Express email search. The next update will solve the duplicate Outlook Express email removal.

If you have any suggestion or idea, please do not hesitate to tell us at support#acautilities.com (please replace # with @)

May 14, 2009

Minor Update: Final Uninstaller 2.1.9

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Final Uninstaller users having problem with slow download/update speed can now easily fix the issue by using HTTP proxy server, thanks to the new version of Final Uninstaller.Version 2.1.9 of the software adds proxy server support. Users can easily set up and configure a HTTP proxy server under “Settings”. With the new function, you can:

  • hide your IP address and hide information about you and your interests.
  • access to our site when it is blocked by your workplace, school, government, etc.
  • increase the effective network speed of your connection to our site.

If you find other ongoing bugs while using Final Uninstaller, please don’t hesitate to report it to support#acautilities.com (please replace # with @). We appreciate your continued support as we work behind the scenes to make your Final Uninstaller experience even better.

April 14, 2009

New Version of Easy Launcher

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On April 9th, 2009, the Easy Launcher team is proud to announce the release of Easy Launcher Version

New Features are as follow:

-Allow option to turn on or off the click sound. (from Dave Blum)

-Add an option - “Columns” allows the change of the columns number, so it can show more than 20 icon in a tab.

-Allow main window size/resize to see more tabs.(from Dave Blum)

-Add an option to select tab caption’s color at ‘Tab sheet name’ window. (only for 32bit OS, not support vista 64bit)

-Show Index on status bar when mouse moves on Icons or blank Panels.

Thanks very much for nice advices from Dave Blum. You are really a good man, and you do the PC Pro jobs, well done!

If you have any question or suggestion, please do feel free to email us at support#acautilities.com (please replace “#” with “@”).