July 28, 2009

Great Update of Perfect Uninstaller

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On July 2nd, 2009, Perfect Uninstaller team is proud to announce this great update of Perfect Uninstaller. It adds a new feature called Registry Backup. With this feature, users can easily backup registry and restore it when the system crashes. There are three ways to restore corrupted registry. The processes are as follow,

One, Backup registry

  • Press button Backup, backup process is as following picture.

  • Backup finishes, enter the “Restore” interface automatically.

Two, Restore the backup registry

Restore registry when the system is normal.

  • Select one of the backups according to the backup time, press button Registry Recovery on the above picture, Perfect Uninstaller will restore registry entries, reboot your system to effect.

Restore registry when system is crashed

Create a multi-boot system in your drive C to restore registry. If the multi-boot system is created successfully, when you press “Set the restore in DOS”, the button comes to “Cancel the restore in DOS”.

  • As multi-boot system created successfully, please make sure that the backup exist in the backup list, reboot your system, and below picture appears.

  • Press “System Menu”, below picture appears.

  • Choose “Restore registry(DOS)”, the registry backup list will appear as follows,

  • Choose the serial number of the registry backup to restore related registry.

If the multi-boot system is running with errors which indicates your PC doesn’t support multi-boot function. Hence, please download the CD file PUBoot.iso from web and burn to CD. You can manage to restore crashed system with this CD.

A. Burn the launch CD

Download PUBoot.iso from http://www.PerfectUninstaller.com/update/PUBoot.iso

How to burn the CD

  • Install burner and Nero, open Nero, and open PUBoot.iso as follows,

  • Open the file PUBoot.iso, follow picture will pop-up, presses “Burn” to start.

B. Restore registry with the burned CD

  • Set the PC boot device as CD, boot your PC to the following picture, press “Delete” on the keyboard for a while.

  • Press “Delete” on the keyboard for a while, below picture appears, select “Boot”.

  • Select “Boot Device Priority” from above picture, press “Enter” on the keyboard to the following interface.

  • Select “1st Boot Device”, select “CDROM” and exit. Insert the burned CD of PUBoot.iso into the CD-ROM, you will see the backup registry list as following picture.

  • Select the backup serial number to restore the corresponding registry.

Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome

It’s believed that with this feacture, Perfect Uninstaller will better serve our users. If you have any question or suggestion, please do feel free to email us at support#ACAUtilities.com (please replace “#” with “@”).


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