Convert My PDF allows you easily batch convert PDF files to different document formats including doc, html, rtf, txt, and swf with one click. The conversion is so perfect that it retains the images, layout and content of the original PDF files with high quality. All this is done seamlessly to save your time and increase productivity.


It only takes 3 SIMPLE Steps to instantly convert your PDF files to Word or other formats.

What Convert My PDF Can Do For You?

Convert My PDF performs fast and accurate conversions from PDFs to Word, Text, Html, Rtf, Flash. Use it to:

  • Edit Text
    Once converted into Word, Text, Html, Rtf, or Flash, PDF text that was formerly impossible to edit in the PDF format, can now be edited and repurposed as required.

  • Preserve layout and content
    The layout, formatting, and graphics of the original PDF files are well preserved. Conversions retain the look and feel of even the most complex PDF documents.


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What are preserved in conversion?

Convert My PDF converts PDF files to Word or other formats while preserving the content and form of the original PDF files including:

  • Paragraphs: margins, alignment, line spacing, tabs, borders, bullets and numbering
  • Styles: character styles, paragraph styles, list styles, table styles
  • Font name, size, style and color
  • Tables
  • Headers and footers
  • Footnotes and endnotes
  • Page attributes
  • Document information
  • Sections
  • Fields
  • Objects
  • Graphics
  • Drawings and word art
  • Revision marks
  • Comments and hidden text
  • Language attributes
  • Theme information

    About Convert My PDF

    Current Version: 1.8
    File Size: 3.2MB
    Operating System: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008
Key Features & Benefits
  • Convert PDF files to different formats including doc, html, rtf, txt, and swf.
  • Support batch conversion and multithreading to convert several tasks at one time.
  • Preserve the layout, formatting, content and graphics of the original PDF files.
  • Fully independent; not dependent on Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office software or any third party software.
  • Support drag and drop PDF files direct to the Convert My PDF main window. Easy to select the source files
  • Conversion is processed at a very high speed.
  • One click of a button converts PDF files to word, Text, Html, Rtf, Flash easily.
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface.
  • Support most Windows and Office platforms, including - 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Vista./li>

I am very impressed by this software. It’s very easy to use. I converted hundreds of PDF files to Word at one time and the efficient and accurate conversion process was amazing! I was very thankful for Convert My PDF the day I found it.
--Roberto Mendon ,Curitiba Brazil

I'm a student and use your simple mechanism to convert from PDFs to Word docs when I need (though I don't have to do it often). It’s nice to be able to get it done fast and well. Please keep it going. Many thanks!
- Tara Dempsey,New York University, New York

I have been using your conversion tool several times and am always so amazed for your service! It's quick, reliable, and easy! It has helped me so many times in my Small Business! You got a new customer.
-Carol Gendel,Los Angeles

I tried a number of different conversion tools today and when I ran your software…Wow! Absolutely brilliant! What did I love about it? (1)Speed (2) Simplicity Many thanks for your facility and I'll be sure to tell others about it!!
- G. Landry,Toronto, Canada