Problems you may have in your PC

  • Have been looking for a file among hundreds of items from the start menu?
  • Have too many icons of shortcuts blocking up the beautiful picture of your desktop?
  • Troubled with the numerous shortcuts on the desktop, messing up the whole screen?
  • Annoyed with finding a program among minimized windows of websites and software?

The Conclusion

Easy Launcher is designed to be very easy, intuitive and effective to use for managing your shortcuts in the tool-bar style, which is located at the bottom right desktop and designed by the professional and experienced UI experts in the industry.

There are 20 grid spaces per tab, which can be created as many as you like. That is, unlimited space allows you easily manage the shortcuts in the way you want by simply dragging the shortcut icon into the grid space within the tab sheet (also called drag-and-drop operation).

The 6 most-used programs will rank at "Easy Tab" tabsheet. And, Easy Launcher can remember the 6 last click Icons and also rank them at "Easy Tab" tabsheet for a quick way to run it again. You can also view the frequency report and export the report to an Excel file.

Easy Launcher allows to customize the tabsheet appearance, manage the tabsheet column and the hot keys; you can specify the program to run at the startup, always show on the top, show the settings at a separate tabsheet, resolve dropped shortcuts, create desktop shortcut, pin the shortcut to the Start Menu and ignore click on the blank button; the maintenance options let you back up the settings or restore the settings if needed.

The revolutionary drag-and-drop operation in Easy Launcher has made the icon arrangement never been easier. You can easily drag the program icon into the tabsheet grid where you can move the icon to the first previous or the last grid, clear the icon, copy the full path or full name of the referenced program; you can also copy or swap the icon to another grid or tabsheet. You can easily view and change the program settings by viewing the program properties where you can specify the program file, parameters, work folder, program description, Window style, Priority, enable frequency report and even to modify the default program icon.


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Features & Benefits
  • Two tabsheets created by default, and 20 grid spaces per tab within. In full version, it can be created as many as you like.
  • Fully configurable the grid on tabsheets by dragging and dropping shortcuts from Desktop or Start Menu programs, and also any files, folders from Windows Explorer.
  • Difference from the tabsheets created by user, there is a build-in tab within:"Easy Tab". The 6 most-used grids and the 6 last used grids will rank at "Easy Tab" for a quick way to click it again. It's a funny function and very useful.
  • Easy Launcher will remember the using frequency of every grid. You can view the frequency report and export the report to an Excel file.