Why Use Memory Savior?

Are you frustrated with the slow PC performance quite often, especially running multiple applications even though you have added new RAMs?

Sure you do! So do everybody else. Memory Savior™ can solve your problems effectively without even to reboot your PC through our new industry-leading technology.


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Why Choose Memory Savior?

Effortlessly makes your PC run much faster without being hijacked by the sluggish Windows-based memory management any more with our revolutionary memory optimization mechanism.

When you open many applications at the same time, listening music, download, playing games, browsing websites, ect, you will soon realize that the system is becoming slow, even freezing or crashing. This is caused by insufficient RAMs for system applications to read/store.

Purchase new RAM? No need! Memory Savior is able to greatly enhance memory performance, making your PC look like having been added new RAMs!

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Memory Savior™ Basic Features

  • Increases the amount of Memory available.
  • Defrags and compact your physical memory.
  • Recovers and allocates Memory from Windows and your applications.
  • Recovers Memory leaks from unstable programs.
  • Displays real-time graph of available physical and virtual Memory.
  • Lets you run large applications simultaneously without slowing down your system!
  • Customize the settings you want.
  • Easy and powerful for both beginners and experts.

Yes, it is fast like its name.Very easy to use. I like the software interface: fashion, dynamic, and elegant. Best wishes to the great Memory Savior develop team!
--Roger Fallman , USA

It can free up the efficient RAMs for my computer fast! Merci !
--Rogar, France