Your Reliable Recovery Solution to Deleted Data

Recoveryer is a recovery solution that can be used in recovering deleted data, such as Images, Files, Media Video, WinRAR ZIP, and etc. on systems of Windows 2003/XP/Vista/Win7. It can effectively get back data accidentally deleted by viruses attacks, system bugs, crashes, or emptied from the Windows Recycle Bin. Check your deleted data for 100% FREE!

Recoveryer rescues data from different storage devices


Recover deleted pictures, music, documents, video, Compressed files
Recover data from hard drives, USB drives
Recover data in NTFS & FAT 16/32 partitions
Support for more than 1000 file types

Why choose Recoveryer?

Recoveryer is the right choice for you and the people around you.

Recoveryer provides the most comprehensive data recovery solution for end users.With no effort on your part, Recoveryer will find out all deleted files of the prefixed types without altering them in any way so that you can always perform correct recovery. Whether to recover files deleted accidentally or emptied from the Windows Recycle Bin, you will get all you want from past and present as well as save the files to the drive on which they were deleted or some other different locations.

Recoveryer Features

  •  Support all Windows-based Operating Systems

    Windows systems compatible: runs on all the major Windows-based systems, including the latest Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows XP and Windows 2003.

  •  Fast Scanning Speed

    The scan of 40G partition only takes an average of 5 minutes, and NTFS partition even faster. Recoveryer greatly enhances the time spent on scanning and recovering.

  •  Precisely Detecting Lost Data

    Besides the quick scanning speed, Recoveryer also plays great performance on accurately detecting out lost data to lower the rate of false scanning result.

  •  Support Restoration of Many Types of Data

    Lost data that have been deleted accidentally, like system crashes, viruses attacks, missing partitions, or data emptied from the Windows Recycle Bin can be easily found according to the file types. The file types including:

  • Pictures (.jpg.png.raw.gif.jpeg.bmp ...)
  • Music (.mp3.wma.ogg.wav.aac.m4a…)
  • Documents (.doc.xls.ppt.odt.ods.pdf.docx.xlsx.pptx.txt ...)
  • Video (
  • Compressed files (rar .zip .iso ...)
  •  Built-in Intelligent Scanning Engine

    This built-in utility automatically matches scanning results into respectively category without any complex customization; even user with little knowledge about computer can easily run it.

  •  People-Oriented Operation

    Scan and recovery your deleted data with one simple click. Quickly diagnose and find out lost data with the most sophisticated recovery solution and completely bring them to the original state, all in one single click.

  •  Preview Capability

    Provide three preview modes: Image Preview, Text Preview and Hex Preview. You can always easily preview the scanning results before recovery.

  •  Comprehensive Data Recovery

    Unlike many other data recovery programs that recover only one type of data in a single product, Recoveryer plays comprehensive recovery (all types of files in a category) by one simple click.

  •  Manually Add File Types

    Recoveryer is your data powerhouse. Keeping it running more effectively, you can upgrade the scanning scope by manually adding new data types and make Recoveryer your data real-time rescuer.

  •  Safely Data Recovery

    Recoveryer makes one-by-one recovery operation so that the files can be recovered safely and correctly.

  •  Powerful Recovery Program

    Recoveryer can powerfully find out data deleted either present or long time ago in system, and recover to the original location where it was deleted or some other destinations.

  •  Easy to Use

    Friendly User Interface and make it easy to use. Start Your Free Scan Now!

About Recoveryer 2009™

Release Date:Jan 13, 2010
Current Version: 2.5
File Size:3.64 MB
Hardware Requirements: 64MB RAM (126MB RAM or higher is suggested)
System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7/XP/Vista/2003

key features
  • Greatly enhance scan speed, the scan of 40G Partition only takes an average of 5 minutes, and NTFS Partition even faster
  • Highly accurate at analysis of lost documents, lower rate of false scanning result
  • Easily detect deleted data in NTFS and FAT 16/32 Partitions
  • Built intelligent scanning engine inside, no cumbersome operation required
  • Restore deleted images, including various forms like jpg , gif , bmp and more
  • Recover deleted PDF, media video, WinRAR ZIP and other styles of files
  • Support one click scan and one click recovery, which fully embodies the humane operation.
  • Support SATA ATA SICI hard drive, flash drives, thumb drives, camera cards and USB drives,
  • Allow users to preview detected data before any operation
  • Manually add file types in user's favor
  • Support scanning for various files types, users can expand scanning category up to thousands of types of files
  • Scan items according to different categories, extremely easy to find out detected files according to types
  • Compatible with operating systems of Windows 2003/XP/Vista/Win7, Windows Server2000/2003/2008
Customer Testimonials

I felt really frustrated when I found that the important file was removed from Recycle Bin a few days ago. I knew that the data was there but no access to get it back. I thought I should have spent several hundred dollars and hours for my carelessness. But, I found your Recoveryer, which claims to be able to recover deleted data with ease on Google. I downloaded the software. I ran the scan and surprisingly found the file I want. Your product did its work and saved the lost file! Thanks!
-- Stephenie Meyer, TX, US

I had tried nearly a dozen applications recommended by friends, but some of them crashed without exploration and some played no effect. So I finally come to yours. The trial worked well enough for me to send the money and I am happy that I made such a decision. It works fast and allows me to find the specific item from the categories provided. Now it is the right thing I find worth taking a few minutes to write a testimonial. Just many thanks!
-- William Shakespeare, Washington D.C

Thank you so much! Your Recoveryer saves my business for giving me the opportunity to get back the lost 100 pictures, which are extremely important to our company. Thank you for your effort for such a fantastic product. Too great!
-- Amy Haylett, New York, US

Your program works well on my Windows XP system and unlike a competitor's product, Recoveryer is not restricted to just one type of recovery mode like video, Image recovery but allowing scanning and recovering all types of data. It is worth the value. Thanks!
-- Adam Haegele, Hamburg, Germany

I always do large amount of editing job on computer and your product helps me a lot by saving my time and money. I really appreciate the feature that automatically divides everything into styles of music, image, picture, and text……. It is fine for me. Thanks a lot!
-Azimah Him, Ottawa, Canada